The Hermit Life

Hermits come in all shapes and sizes… each with their own unique dogmas and lifestyle choices… but it is far easier to say that you want to be one than it is to actually live the Hermit life. It is a complicated affair, after all, to actively pursue a life of self-imposed isolation in a world where – no matter where you go – you are bound to come across the one thing you are trying really hard to avoid: People.

Others might disagree but, in my experience, there are really only two basic types of Hermits:

1. The Wilderness Hermit: Lives off the grid and off the land and happily goes months or years without coming across another human being
2. The Urban Hermit: Lives in a populated area, great or small, and keeps to him or her self except to the extent that they have to go out in public to restock and resupply.

As much as I would love to be a Wilderness Hermit, my need for access to a pharmacy disqualifies me. As such I am forced to pursue, essentially, the Urban Hermit life.

These stories take a look at some of the ways I try to go about doing that.

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Killing Your Children

The weapon of choice is not the problem. The problem is the decision to use a weapon to solve the problem.