Friday, July 12, 2024

Poems & Versifications

I am no Rapper, but poetry is my first love and has been my passion since I first began writing all those years ago. This section is reserved for storing the products of my effort to pursue that first passion; though written for myself, I share them here should any of you derive some benefit, inspiration, or pleasure however great or small.


Everything is life Everything is death Nothing is life Nothing is death Everything matters Nothing matters Love is forever Until it's not Tomorrow will be better Tomorrow will suck Yesterday was amazing Yesterday was the worst day of existence Tomorrow has possibility Yesterday was wasted potential Hope springs...

This Man’s Best Friend

I love good poetry. I love its simple complexity and complex simplicity. I suck at it, but you only get better at something by practicing at it... Not by talking about doing it. Regulars know...

Soulless Morning Dew

If I wake you while I'm leaving, just roll over, look away Both of us knows there's nothing more to say This was all your fault and all mine too And we knew , getting naked, we'd...