Monday, November 28, 2022

Perception v. Reality

So Begins the category I have lovingly named "Hattie Matters" in honor...

Bemoaning The General Lack Of Self-Awareness In Tight Quarters

My appetite was beginning to wane... and it occurred to me that perhaps some of this cultural erosion of common decency and fundamental self - respect could somehow be blamed on the invention of the cell phone. I mean.. think about it.. back in the old days of rotary and push button phones these sorts of conversations more commonly took place in the privacy of your own home and were rarely overheard by random strangers on the streets.

The Lonely Shoe

Maybe the shoe is really alive and flew off its owner's foot in protest over some mistreatment it had been made to endure and is slowly working its way toward its ultimate destination..

Bus Ride Banter

It took every fiber of my being to keep a straight face and nod sympathetically in the hope that - now that she was on a roll - she might elaborate, from a woman's perspective, on an opinion I happened to quite strongly share.

A Bright New Star Shines In Heaven

On June 30th, 2019, after a mercifully-brief and terribly unforgiving illness, Denise...

Give The Kid An ‘A’ For Effort

I already knew what was going to happen next, and I must admit that I was laughing a little on the inside as I watched it unfold in slow motion.
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