The Hermit Life

Going On The Virtual “Road”

I am proud (and relieved, quite frankly) to announce that my contributing author "Vasa," and I, have finally reached the end of a...


A Tricky Tricycle Caper

My birthday came and went a few weeks ago, quietly and with...

Out & About

The COVID-19 School Of Higher Learning

It's fair to say that change is not always pleasant or welcome in life, especially when it is forced upon us -...


Once asked what I wanted to be "when I grew up", I told my big brother "Writer" to which he replied that it was a dumb idea and that I'd always be poor. I went on to become an engineer and a technical educator but I never gave up on my dream. Before age 60 (after surviving three strokes), karma being what karma is, I engineered a series of methods to compensate for being cognitively impaired, 50% blind, and no longer able to read or write. On these pages you will find my attempts to continue chasing the dream; may you find things of use (or entertainment) here, but understand that I'm doing this for myself... Not for any of you... Though I hope you find some things of value along your journey.

Killing Your Children

The weapon of choice is not the problem. The problem is the decision to use a weapon to solve the problem.