If I wake you while I’m leaving, just roll over, look away
Both of us knows there’s nothing more to say
This was all your fault and all mine too
And we knew , getting naked, we’d regret it when we were through

The drugs and the booze and the sounds and the smells
And the musk and the lust and the things we won’t tell
And the taste of your sex that condemns me to hell
Always gets tossed in the bottomless well

And we cry and we lie and always deny though we still have to try
Aware before its birth this was always doomed to die
Ever avoiding the money question which has always been why
Since we’d have to admit the blame lies with you and I

Profession of lust or love is nothing new
The call of primal urges long predates the likes of we two
And the endless mornings after in their loveless brilliant hues
Leaves us, always, face down drowning in puddles of soulless morning dew


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