The Coronavirus pandemic is certainly a terrible thing. Not only is it killing people and bringing the world to its economic knees, but it is also universally forcing the human race to take pause and reflect. Reflect on our lives and our futures. Consider our options, circle our wagons, and take steps to protect and defend ourselves and our families. In essence, this pandemic – as terrifying as it might be – presents the human race with an opportunity.

In a world that, only a few short weeks ago, consisted largely of humans being far more worried about – and singularly focused on – their cell phones and electrical/ electronic gadgets and gizmos than we have been about much of anything else. We have been detached and distracted and disengaged, on such a large scale, that we have become unable to put them down long enough to actually look at ourselves up close and personal in all our glorious imperfection.

Perhaps the silver lining in the black cloud that hangs over us just now is that when this storm passes – and it surely will – however many bloodied and cleaved survivors there might be on the other side of this pandemic will be confronted with the opportunity to choose between going back to the old normal or going forward to a new and better humble and engaged normal.

It’s too soon to say, of course, but I’m not so sure, anymore, that humans do a very good job of learning from their mistakes.


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