My observations regarding the behaviors of my fellow humanoids are that, by and large, and all at once of no greater significance than grains of sand in the infinite universe and the single-most greatest obstacle to their ultimate survival.

In these early days of the Coronavirus apocalypse, we are witnessing the slow-motion train wreck of human civilization. Panic buying, expected ahead of natural disasters, is slowly becoming out of control. I mean… What happened to buying bottled water and dry foodstuffs and canned goods? Things typically associated with the presumption of a loss of electricity?

Am I the only one that got the memo about the Coronavirus being essentially a highly contagious cold with a fever? You would think, given the near extinction of toilet paper, that everybody would be expecting severe dehydration as a result of diarrhea and vomiting.

But this is not the case.

And yet toilet paper Is what we are rioting in the streets over now?

Don’t get me wrong… As a self-made hermit, I embrace this whole notion of social distancing. In fact, I consider it the one silver lining around the coronavirus cloud. I look out my window… Under a house arrest imposed by my oldest daughter to keep me from getting sick and dying… And what I see are quiet roads and empty parks and barely a soul moving about.

This is like a gift from the Almighty Himself!

There is an old quote out there that goes along the lines of suggesting that “where some see obstacles others see opportunity” and, in that vein, I’m going to seize this opportunity… as human civilization eats itself one roll of toilet paper at a time… to chronicle events as they happen which, hopefully, lead up to me finally achieving the life goal of being the last man on Earth!

More as it comes in.

Inline image via The National Interest


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