This is going to be even more fun than I originally thought; still trying to get set up, I thought I’d do a trial run, so I opened the box I described in the previous entry, grabbed the very first piece of paper on top and just knew this was going to be a fun ride. The best part is not about the quality of his work… It’s that he cared enough to do the work and leave it up to the rest of us to decide for ourselves. I mean… Isn’t that why all of us are here?

My father was a professional bar-hopper, of his own admission directly to me, and played the drums and a little bit of guitar. I know he bounced around several different bands and spent many years in the Nashville area between the ’60s and the ’80s, but I can almost visualize him transposing cocktail napkin Chicken Scratch onto this piece of paper and all the mileage this paper has having gone from box to box and house to house for the better part of 50 years. Enjoy!

“I hate Country music” Richard C. Poff

I hate Country music

It took my first ol’ man away

He was drinking and dancing every day

Hanging around the Cabaret

Then all of a sudden he went away

Here all alone what could I say

I hate Country music

Don’t you know that I hate Country music

I started hanging ’round Country bars

Drinking and digging those country stars

Running with men in fancy cars

Who loved me less than their guitars

Worst thing I could have done by far

I hate Country music

Don’t you know that I hate Country music

I finally settled on this one man

I helped him organize his own band

Our future looked so very grand

When he took off for Opryland

Leaving me here like a one-night stand

I hate Country music


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