When you consider the standard stereotype associated with people that declare themselves to be a ‘Hermit’, it is a bit oxymoronic to suggest that such a person would go on a vacation into the Wilderness. After all, don’t Hermits already live in the wilderness?

Truth be told, the term “wilderness” is incredibly subjective.

Honestly, so is the term “hermit” once you accept that there are a great many different types.

A Hermit is typically described as a person that lives off the grid, in the wilderness as far away from other humans as possible, and is completely self-sufficient in terms of food, water, and shelter. Yet, in my case, as a so-called “Urban” hermit, I live in a densely populated area where I have no choice but to interact with other humans as a natural matter of course in order to obtain food, water, and shelter. As such, my flavor of ‘hermit’ is more like that person who strives to be isolated whenever and wherever possible but, necessarily, is also flexible about mingling with Humanity in order to survive.

And so it was that, when the opportunity presented itself, I found myself up in Maine with Daisy… In a little Lakefront cabin in a fairly remote part of the state… Fishing and relaxing and making friends with the Loons and the Eagles.

The walk down the hill from the cabin to the Waterfront traverses a zigzag-shaped path first created by the previous owners of the property long before the cabin was built. It is a fairly steep hill and the pathway was designed to make the walk back up the hill a little bit easier on the knees and the lungs.

Having been to this spot several years before the cabin was built, I knew that the view was incredible. The lake is relatively small and not terribly deep but the fish population
Rest assured that, faced with a similar opportunity, within 48 hours you will find yourself rapidly becoming your own flavor of a Wilderness hermit.

48 more and you will find yourself thinking of ways to find a remote piece of land in the Wilderness.


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