I’m quite sure this question has been asked as far back as when the first shoe was invented but I can’t help asking, yet again, where the hell the other shoe went. I can imagine no scenario where a person was walking and just look down and said to him or herself, “Hunh… that’s weird. I wonder where my other shoe ran off to.”

I mean, I can imagine a scenario where someone is riding in a car with their feet out the window and the shoe flies off. But it is beyond me to understand why the driver wouldn’t stop the car so the poor bastard riding shotgun can get his damn shoe!?

Is that really a thing, nowadays in our culture, that people just lose their shoes off their feet and don’t know, or don’t care, about walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off?

On the street where I live there has been a shoe laying on the sidewalk for roughly a week. Each day, as I walk up or down the street, the shoe is in a different place. How can that be? I’m smart enough to understand that it could be random pedestrians kicking it down the road like a can… but what if it is an alien or a shoe spirit?

Or maybe the shoe is really alive and flew off its owner’s foot in protest over some mistreatment it had been made to endure and is slowly working its way toward its ultimate destination… When nobody is watching.

[Image via dinamotalks]


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