For all that has been written about the relationship between Man and Beast, I can assure you that infinite volumes have yet to be penned. Some context..

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions people have about us Hermits is that we aspire to be isolated from the outside world. While it may be true that we prefer to be alone… none of us seeks to be lonely. And while the non – Hermit might consider this to be splitting hairs, the Hermit – life faithful understands that there is a clear distinction.

Each of us designs our lives in the ways necessary to fill whatever unique holes we have inside that we carry around with us. Some talk to plants.. some read or write books… some even make “stuff” in the name of keeping their hands busy just to pass the time.

Me? I carry on deep and meaningful spiritual conversations with my best friend Daisy.

Daisy is an intentional cross between a red Golden Retriever and a Newfoundland. She is far and away the best dog I have ever had… And I have had a rich and diverse life filled with many dogs of many different breeds. What sets apart Daisy from all the others is her loyalty to me, her unwillingness to let me out of her sight and need to be with me always, and the incredible love that she has for my kids and grandkids.. and for every single human being she has ever come in contact with. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

I think it’s safe to say that she has a whole lot more faith in the Human Beast than I do.

Consider this an introduction to a special section reserved for chronicling mine and Daisy’s adventures.. “Daisy Constitutionals” if you will… which began innocently enough – inspired primarily by my Doctors’ orders to get out and take walks in the name of fresh air and exercise.

They tell you, after a major medical event, that the three most important things you can do with your life going forward are to take your medicine, eat a healthy diet, and… get plenty of exercise. So that’s what I started doing. Of course no one warned us about the numbers of batshit crazy people we would come across along the way, but I suppose that would have taken all the fun out of it.

These are our stories.


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