Monday, April 22, 2024

To the best of my knowledge, I invented these quotes. I did what I believe to be due diligence to confirm that I was not stealing them from anyone else. If it turns out that I have, I did not do so intentionally and will happily give all do credit to the appropriate author once it is brought to my attention that I didn't think them up first.

No one takes anything from you that you haven’t let them keep.

I have a lifetime of whiskey wisdom but, alas, I’m fresh out of beer Chasers.

Wisdom is failures bastard.

Abstinence from sin may bring you closer to God but it is the Devil who accompanies you on the journey.

The greatest things in life are the ones nobody else is doing..

I started out as a hippie but then I got old. Now I’m just trying to find my way home.

If your dog hasn’t taught you things about yourself you never realized, you aren’t paying close enough attention to what she’s trying to tell you.

Cling tightly to your comfort in solitude lest a sociable soul seek its purchase.

It’s what we can’t see that gives us vision.

“About life, there is a fundamental truth; We are judged most harshly by our words and remembered least gratefully for our deeds. The greater the benefit to others of the latter, the less likely these will be appreciated by those guilty of the former.”

Pride find the perfect target on which to project blame for your problems.

Humility reveals the extent to which they were of your own making.