Tending To The Human Condition

In the introduction to my first book, I made a general observation about the human species; “At our core, the primal driving forces of the human race, as they are with all living creatures, is pretty straightforward: we are born, and we die, and along the way, in the name of survival, we labor to…

Seizing Moments

The Coronavirus pandemic is certainly a terrible thing. Not only is it killing people and bringing the world to its economic knees, but it is also universally forcing the human race to take pause and reflect. Reflect on our lives and our futures. Consider our options, circle our wagons, and take steps to protect and…

A Man On A Mission

As he came into view, with his head down and not looking around at cars or other people, my neighbor approached – right on schedule – as if it was just like any other day of the week, month, or year. In that moment two truths became crystal clear to me :

1. The only thing in life that is absolute is death.
2. The best lives are those spent fighting to disprove rule # 1.

A Claus Confab

Whether it be fate, karma,destiny, divine intervention… or some combination of them all… maybe – just maybe – all any of us can do is just follow the path we find ourselves on regardless whether we were looking for it or just fell down face first in front of it.

Bemoaning The General Lack Of Self-Awareness In Tight Quarters

My appetite was beginning to wane… and it occurred to me that perhaps some of this cultural erosion of common decency and fundamental self – respect could somehow be blamed on the invention of the cell phone. I mean.. think about it.. back in the old days of rotary and push button phones these sorts of conversations more commonly took place in the privacy of your own home and were rarely overheard by random strangers on the streets.