It has been quite some time since I have visited these pages in any real serious way. To be sure, I have come in for the annual “other” Christmas entry, and most recently I dropped by in order to cross-post the story about the loss of my grandson. It amazes me that’s so much time has gone by since my last serious effort was underway to keep fresh content moving across the screen. I would extend an apology to all my readers except that I don’t really have any:-) It’s okay though because my efforts here have never been about drawing a crowd nearly as much as they have been about getting my experiences on pixelated paper for posterity.

We could call my time away sabbatical of course, except that Hermits are already on sabbatical. So let’s just say that I have been out in the field of humanity doing research. God knows every time I go out I am presented with new material worthy of sharing. At the time and day of this writing, the human race is in free fall over the Coronavirus pandemic. Although we are still holding it together, you can almost taste the first hints of decay eating around the edges of civilized humanity.

The site design has been updated, the most recent hacker has been vanquished, the world is falling apart and the pile of stupid human tricks grows by the hour. Given that, and to the tune of Twin’s famous quote about the exaggeration of the news of his death, let’s have a little fun at the expense of the rest of the human race!


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